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Below you will find the plans and precautions we are taking as we resume in-person services.


For In-Person Congregational Church Meetings/Service During COVID-19 Concerns


While we are all excited to return to in-person meetings, when we are able to, we must do so with safety considerations in mind.  When the session believes it is time for congregational meetings or services within the church building facilities, the following information must be taken into consideration and followed.  While there is no guarantee that this will prevent the spread of COVID-19, these considerations, when followed, can possibly limit transmission.  Please understand that this information is only for congregational meetings/service.  Please take care of yourself and each other.



  • Self-Evaluation - Before attending, all members and guests are encouraged to self-evaluate their physical state.  All are encouraged to take your temperature before coming to church.  If you do not feel well or are running a fever of 100.5 or greater please worship online from home.

  • Masks - While at church all members and guests must wear a mask at all times.  If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.

  • Entering and Exiting Main Building – The doors to the front of the church will be the only access points that people may enter and exit through.  Please understand that the doors to the Fellowship Hall will be locked.

  • Social Distancing – Please understand that all guests and members must social distance.  Families who live within the same household may be seated together.  Everyone else must adhere to six feet (6’) of social distancing. 

  • Entering and Exiting Sanctuary – Members and guests may be seated in the designated areas upon entry.  Upon exit, the Sanctuary will be evacuated by ushers who will do so in an orderly fashion from back to front.  Please stay seated until your usher gets to your pew.

  • Seating – Members and guests may only sit in the designated areas that are identified within the Sanctuary.  

  • Fellowship Hall Closed – During congregational meetings the Fellowship Hall will be closed.

  • Restrooms – Restrooms will be open.  Please remember to social distance if needing to use the facilities.

  • Water Fountains – Water fountains will not be allowed for use at this time. If you believe you may need a bottle of water during service, please bring your own. Please make sure that if you do need one that it does have a sealable lid that is on it when not in use.

  • Socializing, Hugging & Handshaking – While we truly love each other, please, during these trying times, refrain from grouping together, hugging and handshaking. We can display our love for each other in a safe way by utilizing online social media or through phone calls. 

  • Sanitizing – Hand sanitizing areas will be prominently displayed. Please use provided hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the building.  You may also use them whenever needed.

  • Refreshments – There will be no refreshments (coffee, juice, water, cookies, donuts, fruit, etc.) at this time.

  • Cleaning After Meeting/Service – Members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee along with any other volunteers who would like to help will clean and sanitize the interior facilities that were used during the meeting.


The information above was decided on by the members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee on August 21, 2020

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